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Playset Saturday Night 78 cover.jpg Saturday Night '78

by Will Hindmarch, Wil Wheaton, and Jason Morningstar.

A time of rock and disco, of reckless hedonism and casual sex, a time before consequences. Debauchees high on blow, poppers, or Quaaludes dance and laugh and lust and cry in swank clubs and dirty dives all over the city. Whoever your characters are in the daylight, come dark they transform into sordid stars or disco royalty, beautiful disasters or pitiable victors, ricocheting off each other into the glittering wreckage of imploded parties. Every Saturday night the city's alight with spectacular fiascos.

This playset was first played on Tabletop, where Wil Wheaton hosts celebrity tabletop gaming.

Every so often, Bully Pulpit Games will feature a playset that is unique, wild, heart-wrenching, or otherwise notable. Watch this space!

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Official Playsets

The following playsets by Bully Pulpit Games are available on this wiki:
  • 1913 New York (1913 New York, Fin de siècle New York, 1913 - a city perched on the edge of the abyss.)
  • Flyover (Flyover, Flyover is all about Middle America - hard-working agribusiness professionals, construction contractors, Mexican drug mules and the people who love them.)
  • Home Invasion (Home Invasion, It's a nice middle class neighborhood with a nice mix of professional families and a nice, powerful homeowners association.)
  • Last Frontier (Last Frontier, set among the emerald forests of southeast Alaska’s vast archipelago, this playset drags an offbeat but familiar setting into the crosshairs.)
  • Lucky Strike (Lucky Strike, where boredom and low morale led to crime and foolishness.)
  • Touring Rock Band (Touring Rock Band, an over-the-top collection of iconic rock and roll glories and unwholesome lunacy.)
  • Touring Rock Band 2 (Touring Rock Band 2, You were supposed to live fast and die young. At least you lived fast. Now you are not so young. Not so famous.)
  • Transatlantic (Transatlantic, You are a week out of Southampton en route to New York.)

Fan Playsets

The following playsets by Fiasco fans are available on this wiki:
  • All The Damn Time (All The Damn Time, Sam Howard is a time-traveler in a bad way.)
  • Alpha Complex (Alpha Complex, Stay alert. Trust no one. Keep your laser handy.)
  • Back To The Old House (Back To The Old House, Bad things happened, and you were a part of it. You left unfinished business. That’s why you need to go back. To finish it.)
  • Bad Habits (Bad Habits, Dozens of elderly nuns (and a handful of less elderly nuns) gather together to live out the rest of their lives in prayer, senility, vicious gossip and ruthless backstabbing.)
  • Bravazzo (Bravazzo, Bravazzo! is set in the Italian city-state of Ferrara in 1435 at the dawning of the Renaissance.)
  • Break A Leg (Break A Leg, is a tribute to the grand traditions and superstitions of the Theatre ­from the casting couch to the Great White Way.)
  • California Confederates (California Confederates, It's WAR! But not here. Yet. California has declared for the Union, but not all Californians are happy about it.)
  • Camp Death (Camp Death, Camp Clearwater's been abandoned since some grisly, "unsolved" murders 20 years ago.)
  • DC73 (DC73, Capitol Hill insiders are willing to risk anything—from public disgrace to nuclear Armageddon—for a big payout or a State Department gig.)
  • Dallas 1963 (Dallas 1963, The President is coming, although he really shouldn't.)
  • De' Medici (De' Medici, Florence, 1559: a city of opportunities for men who have the guts to pursue them.)
  • Dragon Slayers (Dragon Slayers, That's our dragon, and its gold is our gold.)
  • Dysfunctions And Dragons (Dysfunctions And Dragons, It's game night, with all of the dysfunctions and resentments that gamers bring in.)
  • Flight 1180 (Flight 1180, Baggage. Everyone's got some)
  • Gangster London (Gangster London, for a proper East End fiasco. This playset is for fans of films with a certain ugly, stylish sensibility.)
  • Go Team Superscience (Go Team Superscience!, It's a world of superscientists, boy adventurers, arch-villainy and globe-trotting action. )
  • HK TPK (HK TPK, Hong Kong, June 1997: Over 150 years of British rule is drawing to a close, and everybody is scrambling to make their mark before the handover.)
  • Havana 1953 (Havana 1953, Havana has been called "the sexiest city in the world" and for good reason.)
  • Heroes Of Pinnacle City (Heroes Of Pinnacle City, The super-powered heroes of Pinnacle City are all that stands between the Earth and total annihilation.)
  • Hollywood Wives (Hollywood Wives, Palm tree-lined streets. Glittering beaches, movie star neighbors—Beverly Hills, California.)
  • Horse Fever (Horse Fever, Horseburg is a foul city, grey like the dust you breathe in the Boss' racetrack. One breath is enough to fill your lungs with corruption, greed, and filthy lies.)
  • House of Ill Repute (House Of Ill Repute, focuses on the political hotbed that is Westminster, the seat of the UK government.)
  • Keeping On The Borderlands (Keeping on the Borderlands, The biggest threat to the monsters isn’t the human warriors, but the constant infighting between monstrous tribes.)
  • London, 1593 (London, 1593, For all the world is a stage and the great lords of England and abroad are writing the parts that lackeys, liars, agents, and actors shall play.)
  • Los Angeles 1936 (Los Angeles 1936, In Raymond Chandler’s Los Angeles, circa 1936, the sun-blinded streets would just as soon put a knife in your back.)
  • Manna Hotel (Manna Hotel, is a twenty-room motor lodge with its own in-ground swimming pool, now unused.)
  • News Channel Six (News Channel Six, It's not like much news-worthy stuff happens in this crappy little town anyway, and those bastards over at Action News Eleven always seem to be one step ahead of us!)
  • No Luck Atoll (No Luck Atoll, is a playset taking a lot of inspiration from cast away stories and Gilligan's Island.)
  • Objective Zebra (Objective Zebra, You're trapped in a stranded submarine and you have to get the hell out of here)
  • Quest For The Golden Panda (Quest For The Golden Panda, In the world of mythic China, the elders told tales in great detail about dragons and pandas, fighting and love, fortunes and fables to the children of the villages.)
  • Reconstruction (Reconstruction, It is 1867. The American Civil War is over and the South is in ashes.)
  • Red Front (Red Front, It's the autumn of `77 in Germany and stories of kidnap, murder, and hijacking are front page news.)
  • Salem 1692 (Salem 1692, 1692 will be a year of misery and death for all of Salem Village.)
  • Saturday Night '78 (Saturday Night '78, This is a time of rock and disco, of reckless hedonism and casual sex, a time before consequences.)
  • Science Comics (Science Comics, Third rate heroes, has-been villains and minions who couldn't even get hired as cannon fodder.)
  • Tartan Noir (Tartan Noir, Tartan Noir is about world-weary anti-heroes, deeply flawed characters with a variety of vices that would not normally be becoming of someone of their narrative stature. )
  • The Big Anime Con (The Big Anime Con, This is a playset for games of Fiasco taking place at an anime convention in a major city in the U.S.)
  • The Jersey Side (The Jersey Side, is about a town too big for its britches, a place where rabbis run organ-legging rings, politicians are massively corrupt, and brokers who can't make it on Wall Street run dodgy deals.)
  • The Penthouse (The Penthouse, Salman bin Nasser al Saud is a Saudi prince, he's twenty-four years old, and he is heir to one of the biggest fortunes on the planet.)
  • The Zoo (The Zoo, Are these the last days of the Brookmarket Zoo?)
  • Touring Rock Band 2 (Touring Rock Band 2, You were supposed to live fast and die young. At least you lived fast. Now you are not so young. Not so famous.)
  • Town And Gown (Town And Gown, Universities are strange places, and small town universities even more so.)
  • Transatlantic (Transatlantic, You are a week out of Southampton en route to New York.)
  • Upton Abbey (Upton Abbey)
  • Vegas, Baby! (Vegas, Baby!, It always sounds like a good idea. A few days in Vegas to blow off steam before the wedding, or to celebrate closing the deal, or just for the hell of it. Check responsibility at the door, you’re in Sin City, baby!)
  • White Hole (White Hole, The station's orbiting a white hole, and everyone's trying to kill everybody else)

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