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Now Available: The Climb

Posted by Steve on December 3rd, 2013 — in News

The Climb Cover

We have arrived at Camp III, precariously perched 6,900 meters up on a cliff-face high above the Tarphel Valley of Bhutan. In an age of well-trodden paths, no human being has ever been higher on this peak than we are right now. This is a secret first ascent without the knowledge of Bhutanese authorities, who have forbidden climbing for religious reasons since 1994. No one knows we are here. If we descend into Bhutan we will be arrested. If anything goes wrong, there is no one to rescue us.

Two will summit in the morning.

For the six of us on the slopes of the Gangkhar Puensum massif, summiting ensures a place in climbing history. We all want a shot, but only two of us can make it to the top. Who will it be? And what fate awaits the “lucky” ones above 7000 meters?

THE CLIMB is a short, six-person, live-action game about an expedition to a virgin peak in the Himalayas. The game requires six players, a large quiet space, and should take 2-3 hours to play. There is no Game Master, but you’ll need one player to organize and facilitate.

This game includes a 14 page PDF organized for double-sided printing, which will be used in play as a rules cheat sheet, six individual character sheets, and a Summit Team information sheet. In addition, there is a sheet of name tags (suitable for printing on labels) and a 91 minute MP3 snowstorm soundtrack that is used as a countdown for events during the game.

Available now from!

Fiasco Playset Special: Return to Camp Death

Posted by Steve on October 30th, 2013 — in News

As a special Halloween treat, we invite you to join us at the bonfire once again for s’mores, spooky stories, and a blood-drenched, nightmarish Return to Camp Death:

Last summer’s massacre at Camp Clearwater rocked Barrow Pines, casting a pall over our sleepy town. Only when the inconclusive police investigation and media circus died down and we tried to put our lives back together did we realize our nightmare had just begun.

Barrow Pines is full of secrets, and the deeper we dig into the mystery, the more questions we unearth. Those of us who have dared look have come to one inescapable conclusion: whatever killed all those people last year is still out there, and it will kill again.

To stop the horror once and for all, we must return to where it all started. We must return to Camp Death.

This special release playset is brought to you by James Gabrielsen as a sequel to his classic slasher movie playset Camp Death. For extra fun, play it back to back with the original!

Fiasco Playset Special: Planeta Droga

Posted by Steve on September 26th, 2013 — in News

Whaaa? Another new playset? That’s right, here’s another special Fiasco release, just for you!

Planeta Droga is a different kind of Fiasco playset. It was written and translated from Portuguese by our friend Rafael Pinheiro Costa in Brazil. It is an homage to his brother, and inspired by his struggle with addiction. Rafael also took some inspiration from Breaking Bad, Drugstore Cowboy, Requiem for a dream, Trainspotting and other great films in that vein.

This playset focuses on the “poor impulse control” aspect of a normal Fiasco and ignores the ambition part completely, as it models the daily routine of an addict. The focus is on the many small struggles. Such as being able to pull it together just enough that you can go to a family party, convincing a loved one that you can still change, figuring out where the next fix is coming from, or how to grow pot inside the apartment without attracting the attention of the cops.

And how does all of this work out? That’s for you to find out. Buckle up, and have a nice journey.

Rafael created the playset in part to raise interest in his brother’s biography project, so if you like the playset, please see the notes inside and consider supporting their efforts!

Fiasco Playset Special: Dangerous Games

Posted by Steve on September 19th, 2013 — in News

We’re really excited to share a new special release playset called Dangerous Games, written by that literary and game industry juggernaut and all-around excellent dude, Matt Forbeck!

Matt’s written a trilogy of fun novels of crazy mystery and adventure centered around Gen Con, and as part of his recent Kickstarter campaign he also wrote this playset as a special reward. Here’s the pitch:

Gen Con. The largest tabletop gaming convention in the Western Hemisphere. A gathering of the particular branch of the geek tribe that likes to get its game on analog-style, rolling dice, pushing lead, and slapping down cards.

With something shy of 50,000 people descending on Indianapolis for a long, hot weekend in the middle of August, Gen Con is the size of a small city. A gamer-tastic Brigadoon that pops up on Wednesday in the Indiana Convention Center and then vanishes on Sunday, until next year.

They call it the Best Four Days in Gaming. It might also be the deadliest.

The three Dangerous Games novels are an absolute delight to anyone who has been to Gen Con, full of name-dropping and insane action, and this playset captures that feel pretty well. Jason had an opportunity to play it with him, Kristin Firth, and Keith Baker —at Gen Con, of course— and it was a blast. I hope you enjoy it too.

Fiasco Playset Collection: Run, Fools, Run

Posted by Steve on September 9th, 2013 — in News

Fiasco: Run, Fools, Run Cover

Quick, grab the duffel bags and get in the car! Run, Fools, Run is available for sale now at DrivethruRPG!

Run, Fools, Run is a collection of highly-polished Fiasco playsets written and developed in-house by Jason Morningstar and Steve Segedy. Each is themed around organized stupidity, and each manages to bend the time-tested Fiasco playset framework in new and exciting ways. In addition, The playsets are designed to work well together using the “Trainwreck mode” introduced in our previous collection American Disasters.

All together, Run, Fools, Run is 36 pages of great new material for Fiasco. All of these playsets have had rounds of playtesting and great feedback from our usual excellent gang of collaborators, along with some great final proofreading by David Artman and additional playtesting at Gen Con Games on Demand!

With something dangerous, idiotic, or just plain cringe-worthy on every page Run, Fools, Run will kick your next Fiasco session into high gear!

Three Downright Criminal Playsets!

Fiasco: The Last Heist Playset Cover The Last Heist
Pull on your ski mask and get ready! Your crew of criminal geniuses is about to commit an ambitious robbery, and not for the first time. Let’s hope it goes better today. This playset includes a hack for “Heist Dice” to add some extra twists to your story and better emulate bank heist films.
Fiasco: White Line Fever Playset Cover White Line Fever
Hurtling down the highway in a 1973 AMC Matador, you are an extremely unlikely group of individuals. How did you get here? Why are you going so fast? The answers, and your destiny, are all right here in this cramped seventies muscle car.
Fiasco: The Murderists Playset Cover The Murderists
You’ve got a contract, advance money, and a dossier on your target. You may not get along with your team, but you’re professionals so you will get the job done. One problem: You’re pretty sure one of your team is a snitch, or worse, a Federal agent. Time to clean house.