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Fiasco Playset Special: Dangerous Games

Posted by Steve on September 19th, 2013 — in News

We’re really excited to share a new special release playset called Dangerous Games, written by that literary and game industry juggernaut and all-around excellent dude, Matt Forbeck!

Matt’s written a trilogy of fun novels of crazy mystery and adventure centered around Gen Con, and as part of his recent Kickstarter campaign he also wrote this playset as a special reward. Here’s the pitch:

Gen Con. The largest tabletop gaming convention in the Western Hemisphere. A gathering of the particular branch of the geek tribe that likes to get its game on analog-style, rolling dice, pushing lead, and slapping down cards.

With something shy of 50,000 people descending on Indianapolis for a long, hot weekend in the middle of August, Gen Con is the size of a small city. A gamer-tastic Brigadoon that pops up on Wednesday in the Indiana Convention Center and then vanishes on Sunday, until next year.

They call it the Best Four Days in Gaming. It might also be the deadliest.

The three Dangerous Games novels are an absolute delight to anyone who has been to Gen Con, full of name-dropping and insane action, and this playset captures that feel pretty well. Jason had an opportunity to play it with him, Kristin Firth, and Keith Baker —at Gen Con, of course— and it was a blast. I hope you enjoy it too.

Fiasco Playset Collection: Run, Fools, Run

Posted by Steve on September 9th, 2013 — in News

Fiasco: Run, Fools, Run Cover

Quick, grab the duffel bags and get in the car! Run, Fools, Run is available for sale now at DrivethruRPG!

Run, Fools, Run is a collection of highly-polished Fiasco playsets written and developed in-house by Jason Morningstar and Steve Segedy. Each is themed around organized stupidity, and each manages to bend the time-tested Fiasco playset framework in new and exciting ways. In addition, The playsets are designed to work well together using the “Trainwreck mode” introduced in our previous collection American Disasters.

All together, Run, Fools, Run is 36 pages of great new material for Fiasco. All of these playsets have had rounds of playtesting and great feedback from our usual excellent gang of collaborators, along with some great final proofreading by David Artman and additional playtesting at Gen Con Games on Demand!

With something dangerous, idiotic, or just plain cringe-worthy on every page Run, Fools, Run will kick your next Fiasco session into high gear!

Three Downright Criminal Playsets!

Fiasco: The Last Heist Playset Cover The Last Heist
Pull on your ski mask and get ready! Your crew of criminal geniuses is about to commit an ambitious robbery, and not for the first time. Let’s hope it goes better today. This playset includes a hack for “Heist Dice” to add some extra twists to your story and better emulate bank heist films.
Fiasco: White Line Fever Playset Cover White Line Fever
Hurtling down the highway in a 1973 AMC Matador, you are an extremely unlikely group of individuals. How did you get here? Why are you going so fast? The answers, and your destiny, are all right here in this cramped seventies muscle car.
Fiasco: The Murderists Playset Cover The Murderists
You’ve got a contract, advance money, and a dossier on your target. You may not get along with your team, but you’re professionals so you will get the job done. One problem: You’re pretty sure one of your team is a snitch, or worse, a Federal agent. Time to clean house.

Free Download Top Ten List

Posted by Steve on June 15th, 2013 — in News

Since the earliest days of Bully Pulpit Games, we’ve been giving away great stuff as free downloads. I’ve been keeping counts of those downloads since July 2007, just so we can keep our eye on what’s popular. Looking at the last six years of data, I thought it would be fun to publish the list of our all-time Top Ten Downloads:

# Download Title Downloads
1 Fiasco Preview 17309
2 Saturday Night 78 (Tabletop Playset) 15119
3 Fiasco Play Mat 11584
4 December Playset – Dragon Slayers 11221
5 January Playset – Touring Rock Band 8175
6 September Playset – Transatlantic 7069
7 February Playset – Gangster London 6775
8 The Fiasco Companion Preview 5912
9 January 2011 Playset – Objective Zebra 5895
10 July Playset – Manna Hotel 5870

Now Available: Carolina Death Crawl

Posted by Steve on June 10th, 2013 — in News

Carolina Death Crawl Cover

“If this is read or heard of in some future time, let the record show that on July twenty–third 1863 I returned to the world after being abandoned by General Edward Potter and God himself. The men by my side in Rocky Mount are all dead. Their suffering will be forgotten—I am its lone witness, and I choose not to etch it into my memory. Tomorrow I will either be hero, or deserter shot dead. Either way, what happened between there and here will go to my grave with me.” –Private Henry Eager, Company L, First NC Volunteers, United States Army

CAROLINA DEATH CRAWL is a swampy, Southern Gothic roleplaying card game for three or more players. At the height of the American Civil War, your characters have been abandoned deep behind Confederate lines. Can they fight their way through enemy territory and treacherous terrain back to safety? For all but one, the answer is “no!”, but the dark story you tell in trying will be memorable and thrilling. Fun and competitive, CAROLINA DEATH CRAWL gives you all the history you need—you supply the desperation, depravity, and destruction.

The free 19 page rules PDF is available for download here and provides detailed, step-by-step directions for how to play the game, options for playing with three or five players, a glossary of noteworthy terms, and an extended “replay” example of a session of the game. In addition to this, you’ll need the premium deck of full-color cards (or the print-and-play PDF version) available now from DrivethruCards!


The game includes a full-color deck of 60 standard-sized cards printed on premium card stock, double-sided, with rounded-corners and a low-gloss UV Coating. The cards are printed on demand through DrivethruCards.

Here’s what’s included:

12 Color Cards (four each of Background, Raid, and Escape) provide evocative historical context throughout play;

12 Character Cards, 6 sets of given name and surname cards that are paired in different combinations to determine who your character is and what will drive him through the story;

36 Action Cards (12 each of Kill, Disgrace, and Destroy) provide inspirational prompts that shape your scenes and points that determine the outcomes for each chapter.

Print and Play PDF Included

Purchase of the print cards includes the Print-and-Play PDF at no extra charge, so you can get started right away while you wait for shipment to arrive!

Fiasco Playset Special: The Beast of Sucker Creek

Posted by Steve on May 10th, 2013 — in News

It’s been a while since an official Fiasco playset has been spotted in the wild. We’ve been deep in the swamps and finally we’ve returned to bring you this astounding proof: please enjoy this special playset release, The Beast of Sucker Creek, written by Jason Morningstar.

Sightings of a hairy, man-like creature in and around Sucker Creek go back hundreds of years—the legends of the Rayado people tell of Ni-teshi-ih; “The Strong One” who lived in the dark swamps of the Sucker Creek basin.

Since white settlement of the region, reports of blood-chilling cries in the night and occasional sightings of the Beast have been a fixture of local gossip. Is it a madman? A crazed bear? Something strange and wholly new to science? No one knows, but those who have crossed paths with it are convinced of one thing—the Beast of Sucker Creek is real, and you don’t want to make it angry.