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When the Combine came to your planet to put down the terrorists and bring peace and freedom, you volunteered as a combat interpreter. It is your home, your culture, your language, and you are the link between off-world soldiers and the people around them. You want to improve your war-torn planet and your own lot in life - at the end of your term of service there will be a golden ticket for you and your family to a better life off-planet, in the Combine.

Too bad "terrorist" doesn't mean what you thought it did, and "peace and freedom" are somehow elusive. And too bad that golden ticket is a lie.

‘Terps is a live-action freeform game for 5-7 people and 2-3 hours.

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Carolina Death Crawl (Rules)

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Carolina Death Crawl is a swampy Southern Gothic roleplaying card game for three or more players. At the height of the American Civil War, your characters have been abandoned deep behind Confederate lines. Can they fight their way through enemy territory and treacherous terrain back to safety? For all but one, the answer is “no!”, but the dark story you tell in trying will be memorable and thrilling. Fun and competitive, the game gives you all the history you need—you supply the desperation, depravity, and destruction.

Carolina Death Crawl is optimally designed for four players and a session will typically last three hours, depending on your style of play.

Please note that to play the game, you will need these rules as well as the deck 60 cards, which will be available as both premium printed decks and print-and-cut PDFs from

BPG009 - 19 page Rules PDF (3.9MB)   Download Now!

Juggernaut (Rules)

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It is July third, 1950. The Korean War is eight days old. National Security Council Report 68 is sitting on Harry Truman's desk, a grim outline of the Cold War that is to enfold the world for the next 40 years. Alan Turing's paper "Computing Machinery and Intelligence" is circulating for review. Cinderella is a box office sensation. And you have invented a computer that can see the future.

JUGGERNAUT is a live-action card-based game for 4-6 players and 1-2 hours.

This rules PDF is supplement, and to play the game you will need the deck of playing cards, which is available as both premium printed decks and print-and-cut PDFs from

BPG019 - 6 page PDF (299KB)   Download Now!

Night Witches Handouts

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This file includes all the handouts you'll need to play Night Witches, including character playbooks, duty stations, GM reference sheets, introductory scenarios, and extensive lists of Russian names to use in play.

Note: This version of the handouts is still a late-playtest version; the final version is coming soon!

42 page PDF (2.1MB)   Download Now!

Night Witches Preview

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A hefty sampling of the Night Witches PDF, including the table of contents, examples of the artwork, an overview of the game, and samples from each chapter.
23 page PDF (1.5MB)   Download Now!

Fiasco Preview

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A weighty preview of what is available in Fiasco. Includes table of contents, index, the elevator pitch and overview, samples of artwork, several pages of each chapter, an entire Playset, and a taste of the Replay.
6 x 9 PDF, 38 pages (1.7MB)   Download Now!

The Fiasco Companion Preview

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This is a thick sample of what you'll find in The Fiasco Companion, including the list of contributors, table of contents, index, content from each section, artwork, and the full description for all four playsets. The first taste is free!
6 x 9 PDF, 33 pages (803KB)   Download Now!

Fiasco Facilitation Cheat Sheet

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A cheat sheet for facilitating Fiasco, full of useful reminders and guidelines for helping new players have a great time.
1 page PDF (81KB)   Download Now!

Durance Preview

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A substantial sample of what you can find in Durance, including overviews of the game and setting, examples of the planet and colony listings, a taste of the Replay, and several pieces of the interior art.
6 x 9 PDF, 32 pages (1.6MB)   Download Now!

Juggernaut - Soundtrack

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A supplement for Juggernaut, this soundtrack is intended to be played throughout the game to set the mood and control the pace of play. It includes 34 seconds of machine noises to accompany each drawing of a card during the game.

This MP3 was made using Creative-Commons licensed samples from Thanks to users benboncan, miastodzwiekow, and herbertboland.

34 second soundtrack MP3 (543KB)   Download Now!

Juggernaut - Nametags

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A single sheet of Juggernaut nametags formatted for printing on Avery 5263 labels. Suitable for use with lab coats, military uniforms, and government-issue suits.

1 page PDF (89KB)   Download Now!

Juggernaut - Character Sheets

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A set of printable Juggernaut character sheets, designed for double-sided printing and cutting into half-letter sheets for each player. Includes details about each character and their relationship to the others, as well as a cheat sheet on how to play the game.

6-page PDF (162KB)   Download Now!

Fiasco Play Mat

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Keep your Fiasco train-wreck on the tracks with this colorful and handy reference sheet. Includes a space to keep your dice pool during play along with a reference chart of the stages of play. Includes a black-and-white version, but it looks best printed full-color and laminated!

2 page PDF (303KB)   Download Now!

Mission to Mercury Technical Data + Bonus Material

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This supplement for the Mission to Mercury Playset (included in The Fiasco Companion) provides a metric ton of material to help you launch your next fiasco into orbit. Inside you'll find pre-defined characters, technical information, some nice jargon,and lots of good inspiration. This document lays out, in the very broadest terms, who is going to be on Mercury, what equipment is around, what the habitat is like, and what the various missions are. All of this is intended to provide a gritty, highly constrained backdrop for your session. Have fun with it and make the mission your own!
13 page PDF (374KB)   Download Now!

Gangster London Writer

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This is a special edition of Graham Walmsley's Playset Gangster London, including an exploration of using Fiasco as a writer’s tool by author and game designer Will Hindmarch.

Using the Playset as a starting point, Will creates a very thorough worked example, including a meaty and kick-ass script. This is worth reading for entertainment alone, but when coupled with his thoughts on re-purposing Fiasco's Setup phase in the service of writing, it is a slice of fried gold.

For more of Will's thoughts on Fiasco for Writers, see The Fiasco Companion!

38 page PDF (559KB)   Download Now!

The Climb - Soundtrack

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A supplement for the Climb, this soundtrack (put together by Kit la Touche) is intended to be played throughout the game to set the mood and control the pace of play. It includes 90 minutes of alternating blizzard and light wind sounds with a Chinese weather report and a one minute stretch of silence in the middle, signaling the moment of decision. When the soundtrack ends, so does active play.

This MP3 was made using Creative-Commons licensed samples from Freesound. Thanks to users Pushtobreak, Leandros.Ntounis, Dynamicell, Royal, ReadeOnly, ERH, and kMoon.

Please note: This will take a few minutes to download!

91 minute soundtrack MP3 (92.6MB)   Download Now!

January Playset - Touring Rock Band

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It’s all about the music, man. It’s about becoming famous. It’s about the chicks, the drugs, the fans. It’s about burning bright and dying young, leaving behind a legend!

Or maybe it’s about paying for the hotel room once the stupid legend has left the building.

Touring Rock Band is an over-the-top collection of iconic rock and roll glories and unwholesome lunacy. It’s about golden gods rising to fame and falling back into addiction, stupidity and squalid failure.

JM05 - 12 page PDF (1.5MB)   Download Now!

February Playset - Gangster London

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A dead body, a Cockney drug-dealer selling from the back of the kebab shop, three suitcases full of blue flake cocaine and an unexploded World War Two bomb - these are a few of the things that make for a proper East End fiasco.

Written by our friend and collaborator Graham Walmsley, this playset is for fans of films with a certain ugly, stylish sensibility.

GW01 - 12 page PDF (269KB)   Download Now!

March Playset - Last Frontier

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Adding some pitch black and blood red to the great white north ... fishing villages and fishing village idiots, timber contracts and factory ships, State Troopers in floatplanes and the weird guys who hide when they fly over - set among the emerald forests of southeast Alaska’s vast archipelago, this playset drags an offbeat but familiar setting into the crosshairs.
JM06 - 12 page PDF (635KB)   Download Now!

April Playset - Lucky Strike

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This playset takes place at the United States Army’s Camp Lucky Strike Replacement Depot, near Le Havre, France, in the waning days of World War Two. Nestled safely in the rear, the "repple depple" was a temporary home for soldiers awaiting new units. Boredom and low morale led to crime and foolishness. The black market has never been blacker.

It was, in a word, a fiasco.

JM07 - 12 page PDF (1.3MB)   Download Now!

May Playset - Flyover

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This playset is all about Middle America - hard-working agribusiness professionals, construction contractors, Mexican drug mules and the people who love them. It’s the God-and-country heartland, where high school football is the best bet for a Friday night date and everybody knows everybody.

With corn and soybean fields stretching for miles in every direction, the endless sky punctuated only by enormous grain elevators, things can get a little squirrelly.

JM08 - 12 page PDF (696KB)   Download Now!

June Playset - Reconstruction

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It is 1867. The American Civil War is over and the South is in ashes. Newly freed slaves mingle with former owners. Carpetbaggers and scallywags look for quick profits. Corruption is the coin of the realm, and the desperate, despicable and insane all look for an angle.

Written by our friend Tom Gurganus, this playset takes place in the still-smoldering ruins of southern Virginia.

TG01 - 12 page PDF (1.1MB)   Download Now!

July Playset - Manna Hotel

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The Manna Hotel is three miles north of Manna, Kansas, population 1,200. A twenty-room motor lodge with its own in-ground swimming pool, now unused, the hotel burned down and was rebuilt in the fifties. Wood paneling and window-unit air conditioners were installed in the seventies, and it looks like that’s the last maintenance anyone did to the place.

Written by our friend Dan Puckett, this tight playset focuses on the claustrophobic confines of a small, run-down Kansas hotel full of odd mysteries and desperation.

DP01 - 12 page PDF (1.1MB)   Download Now!

August Playset - 1913 New York

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Fin de siècle New York, 1913 - a city perched on the edge of the abyss. Modernity is at war with tradition, and automobiles uneasily share the roads with horse-drawn carriages. Change - sweeping, terrible change - is in the air, and all of Europe is about to be thrown under the bus, dragging the world down after it. But tonight? For now? Cars that can go forty miles an hour, women not ashamed to show off a little ankle, and as much opium as you care to smoke. In the dirty places labor is organizing, anarchists are murdering plutocrats, and children are going hungry. But it’s a pretty good world if you are on top of it, so find a way to get on top, fast...

This playset draws heavily on real New York history, and includes an additional section of notes to provide more detail about some of the more colorful locations and organizations.

JM09 - 14 page PDF (2.0MB)   Download Now!

September Playset - Transatlantic

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The time is 1932, the place? Somewhere in the mid-Atlantic aboard the luxury cruise ship Leviathan, a week out of Southampton en route to New York on her maiden voyage.

Written by E. Tage Larsen, Transatlantic draws inspiration from movies such as Bitter Moon, Titanic and Poseidon Adventure, among others. Gather your friends and some classy cocktails for an evening of fun below decks!

EL01 - 12 page PDF (820KB)   Download Now!

October Playset - Dallas 1963

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Dallas, 1963. The President is coming, although he really shouldn’t.

The city is on edge, and all the players are busy playing - John Birch patriots and pro-Castro lunatics, Teamsters, mobsters and assorted other entrepreneurs in the burgeoning fields of sex, death, and race war. A lot of very serious people are doing a lot of very serious things. A smart guy can really get ahead in times like these, looking for the angles, making connections.

And you know what? Guys like that have more important things to do than worry about the President speaking at a Dallas Trade Mart luncheon.

Written by Chris Bennett, Dallas 1963 evokes films like JFK and Executive Action, and was heavily influenced by James Ellroy's novel The Cold Six Thousand.

CB02 - 12 page PDF (1.0MB)   Download Now!

November Playset - London 1593

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Elizabeth, Queen of England, has enemies everywhere.

If you can read and write, if you can tell lies with quill or voice, you might have a place as a peddler of bombast, as a player of parts, as a nefarious practitioner of the business of show... or as a spy. For all the world is a stage and the great lords of England and abroad are writing the parts that lackeys, liars, agents, and actors shall play.

Yet for all that the strife of the age claims to be about crowns and kingdoms, so much comes down to the common quagmires of coins and cons, jealousy and greed, love and spite. Petty gripes and dirty designs conspire to determine the fate of England. Some folk may hang or burn and some may slip away smelling of roses.

But, for sure, a reckoning draws nigh.

This playset, written by Will Hindmarch and Kenneth Hite, is for those who love Shakespeare, a master of fiascos if ever there was one.

WH01 - 12 page PDF (292KB)   Download Now!

December Playset - Dragon Slayers

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"The bumpkins in this pissant mountain town could never have taken down that dragon. Their biggest hero hasn’t seen battle since Drozzek rode down from the Smoking Mountains three wars-to-end-all-wars ago. So yeah, we rode into town, a bunch of outsiders ready to solve that problem. And no, we don’t care what they think. And yes, we’re heroes. These yokels should worship at our feet. They sure as hell didn’t slay that dragon. That’s our dragon, and its gold is our gold. So unless you’re bringing us ale and whores, get the fuck out before we transform you into a turkey and serve you for dinner."

This playset, written by Logan Bonner focuses on the fallout after a group of gung-ho fantasy adventurers wipes out a mythical monster, and then sticks around to reap their well-earned rewards.

LB01 - 12 page PDF (203KB)   Download Now!

Playset Special - The Ice (Russian Translation)

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Our friend Pavel Berlin found it intolerable that we didn't have any playsets in Russian, and set out to correct that. Since he was doing the hard work of translating anyway, we thought why not make it look awesome?

Why not, indeed? So here's the Russian version of The Ice, one of the four playsets that are included when you buy Fiasco. Thanks Pavel, and Наслаждайтесь!

PB01 - 12 page PDF (324KB)   Download Now!

January 2011 Playset - Objective Zebra

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It is anything but quiet aboard the U.S. Navy submarine SS-495, the USS Saddleback. She’s on reduced battery power, nestled in the soft mud of the North Sea somewhere off the coast of Lower Saxony. It is the middle of World War II. Your mission has gone awry, your boat is sunk, and the horrible groaning of the tortured pressure hull has mixed with another sound - something stranger, more unearthly - from outside the submarine. And it is getting closer. You’re trapped in a stranded submarine and you have to get the hell out of here... before it comes in!

This playset, written by Jérôme "Brand" Larré, blends historical and Lovecraftian elements into a most unusual Fiasco. This one is best suited for veteran players looking for something new!

JL01 - 12 page PDF (239KB)   Download Now!

February 2011 Playset - The Jersey Side

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The Jersey Side is about a city on the other side of the river. Jersey City likes to call itself Wall Street West, but there is an air of desperate envy in the town that faces Manhattan across the Hudson. It will never match up. The Jersey Side is about a town too big for its britches, a place where rabbis run organ-legging rings, politicians are massively corrupt, and brokers who can’t make it on Wall Street run dodgy deals.

This playset by Brennan Taylor is all about Jersey City, a cramped microcosm of big city business and big city blight, forever in New York’s shadow.

BT01 - 12 page PDF (173KB)   Download Now!

March 2011 Playset - Quest for the Golden Panda

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In the world of mythic China, the elders told tales in great detail about dragons and pandas, fighting and love, fortunes and fables to the children of the villages. In these mystical times anything could happen and everything could be a sign from the ancestors. One such myth was the tale of the Golden Panda. You loved it as a child - but now you have come to find that is true. What is the Golden Panda, and how will it lead to ruin? Only your friends know!

This playset by Jennifer Wong was created for the 2011 Golden Panda contest sponsored by the Jennisodes podcast.

JW01 - 12 page PDF (281KB)   Download Now!

April 2011 Playset - News Channel Six

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Times are tough at Action Six News. We’re last place in an already small market and losing ground all the time. It’s not like much news-worthy stuff happens in this crappy little town anyway, and those bastards over at Action News Eleven always seem to be one step ahead of us! With advertising revenue drying up and people turning more and more to that blasted internet, sometimes you’ve got to get a little creative in reporting the news. The Action Six News team could be from any small city around the United States, filled with people who desperately seek notoriety, fame or— just occasionally— a better world.

This playset is the product of collaboration by Action Six News Team members Chris Norwood, Ken Coble, and Tom Gurganus.

CN01 - 12 page PDF (268KB)   Download Now!

May 2011 Playset - Town and Gown

Product Image

Universities are strange places, and small town universities even more so. Faculty fight viciously with each other because the stakes are so low. Students grub for grades, or give up and drift through school. Townies hate the school, but it’s the only thing keeping the town alive, and many of them go to school part-time.

Given the pressure and the fault lines that run deep beneath, it’s no wonder that sometimes cracks appear.

This playset is the first from Stephen Granade, an alumni of Fiasco University!

SG01 - 12 page PDF (255KB)   Download Now!

June 2011 Playset - Break a Leg

Product Image

The director slept with half the cast, your lighting designer is homicidal and that bastard from the Daily News just panned the show in his column. You’ll be lucky on opening night if the cast remembers their lines, nobody mentions the Scottish Play and the scenery doesn’t fall down mid-performance. But hey, the art is all that’s important, right?

Break A Leg, written by Megan Pedersen and John Kelly of the Jankcast crew, is a tribute to the grand traditions and superstitions of the Theatre—from the casting couch to the Great White Way.

MP01 - 12 page PDF (246KB)   Download Now!

July 2011 - The Penthouse

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Salman bin Nasser al Saud is a Saudi prince, he’s twenty-four years old, and he is heir to one of the biggest fortunes on the planet. Sal’s pride and joy is his penthouse. It’s the most expensive penthouse he and his people could find. Tonight the world’s most moneyed, famous, talented, ruthless, intelligent, and charismatic people—plus those who profit from them— have packed themselves into Sal’s penthouse, and the beats are bumping.

And here comes Sal at the stroke of midnight: drunk, not a care in the world, with a crowd of shrieking underage girls trailing behind him. But what Sal doesn’t know is that this is the last party he’ll ever host at his penthouse. After tonight, everything changes… one way or the other.

This is the second Playset of the Month from our friend Dan Puckett, following the popular Manna Hotel.

DP02 - 12 page PDF (201KB)   Download Now!

August 2011 - Horse Fever

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Horseburg is a foul city, grey like the dust you breathe in the Boss’ racetrack. One breath is enough to fill your lungs with corruption, greed, and filthy lies. It’s always best to mind your own business, grasp information here and there and use it to bet heavily tomorrow. See, in this city, luck won’t be enough to make you filthy rich. There’s people out there who’d sell their own mothers for a reliable tip.

This gorgeous playset is all about horse races, bets and backstabbing in the early 20th Century. It is the result of a collaboration between Cranio Creations (creators of the Horse Fever boardgame) and Janus Design, the good people behind the Italian translations of Fiasco.

JC01 - 13 page PDF (1.0MB)   Download Now!

September 2011 - Red Front

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It's the autumn of ‘77 in Germany and stories of kidnap, murder, and hijacking are front page news. A disparate group of avant-garde academics, youthful political activists, and workers at the end of their tether plot to make the world sit up and take notice.

This Baadar Meinhof Complex-inspired Playset is the result of a collaboration between Malcolm Craig and Per Fischer. It provides a very insular focus on the dubious workings and interactions of people desperate to make the world a better place.

MC01 - 13 page PDF (186KB)   Download Now!

October 2011 - Camp Death

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So, here’s the deal. Camp Clearwater’s been abandoned since some grisly, “unsolved” murders 20 years ago. Or whatever. The new owner probably made that up as some creepy story to tell the campers and scare up business. What I know is that we’ve got a couple weeks to get this place set up before any campers arrive, and most of the hard work is already done. We’ve got enough booze, pot, and distance from authority to make this the greatest summer ever. What could go wrong?

Inspired by classic slasher films like Friday the 13th, this Playset by James Gabrielsen includes a stunt dice hack for stacking up the bodies and special rules for revealing the killer. Be sure to bring your hockey mask!

JG01 - 14 page PDF (551KB)   Download Now!

November 2011 - DC73

Product Image

With a war in Southeast Asia, unrest at home, and the evidence in the Watergate scandal reaching closer and closer to the goddamn President of the United States, the political landscape in Washington D.C. buckles and shifts daily. It’s a good time to be young and hungry. It’s a good time to be ruthless. And it’s a good time to know some secrets. So in the name of Nixon or Brezhnev or Abbie Hoffman or John Wayne, make the system work for you or tear it the hell down.

This is our second playset by Logan Bonner, following on the very popular Dragon Slayers.

LB02 - 12 page PDF (195KB)   Download Now!

December 2011 - The Zoo

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The Brookmarket Zoo was a world-class institution, visited by locals and travelers alike. Its animals were content, its visitors happy, its staff respected. Now, attendance is down, The zoo is desperate, and money is tight. Other, more successful zoos in other cities sniff around the place, looking to take away animals and staff. Are these the last days of the Brookmarket Zoo? Or can someone with powerful ambition change things for the better?

This playset is the latest in a line of great fiascos written by Will Hindmarch, including London 1593, All the Damn Time, and Bookhounds Fiasco.

WH02 - 12 page PDF (226KB)   Download Now!

Los Angeles 1936

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"I needed a drink… I needed a lot of life insurance, I needed a vacation, I needed a home in the country. What I had was a coat, a hat and a gun." –Raymond Chandler

In Raymond Chandler's Los Angeles, circa 1936, the sun-blinded streets would just as soon put a knife in your back. And all the diamond-edged glamour of a Hollywood starlet can’t save you from a fall off a 30-story building.

Enter the black and white world of smoky nightclubs and faded apartment hallways, where every crime is shot "on location." There are many grand dreams waiting to be unraveled. Are you ready to enter the labyrinth?

Written by Chris Bennett and released originally only as a Gen Con exclusive, Los Angeles 1936 is one of the first and best Fiasco playsets.

CB01 - 12 page PDF (968KB)   Download Now!

January 2012 - De Medici

Product Image

Florence, 1559: a city of opportunities for men who have the guts to pursue them. Here, struggling artists find rich patrons, visionary architects create their dreams, ruthless mercenaries get lucrative contracts, and shrewd merchants become as powerful as kings.

Ever since the times of Cosimo the Elder, the bankers, the Medici, have ruled this city. Sure, way back then it was still called a democracy, but the art, the armies and the votes were all paid with Medici money.

Upon the assassination of Duke Alessandro twenty-two years ago, the merchants and lords of the city enthusiastically welcomed young Cosimo I de' Medici. The nobles saw him as inexperienced, weak, and an easy puppet to manipulate. They couldn’t have been more wrong.

Written by Giulia Barbano and Renato Ramonda of the Janus Design collective, this playset is perfect for all your Renaissance-era comedy needs!

BR01 - 15 page PDF (470KB)   Download Now!

February 2012 - Havana 1953

Product Image

Cuba, 1953. Havana has been called "the sexiest city in the world" and for good reason. The rhythm of the night is fueled by the rhumba beat, cocaine and the dazzling stars of Cuba. The Mob is starting to move in and light up the casinos, flush with easy money and easier dupes.

General Batista's government rules with an iron fist behind the scenes. All the glamour of Miami only 90 miles away and with none of the rules. So why are there armed bands in the hills led by obscure guerrillas like Fidel Castro and Che Guevara?

This is another great historical playset written by Chris Bennett, and pairs nicely with Los Angeles 1936 and Dallas 1963.

CB03 - 13 page PDF (331KB)   Download Now!

March 2012 - White Hole

Product Image

The heroes aboard Star Station Sigma took one look at that dimensional anomaly and they got the hell out of town.

A few minutes after that, they were headed back to Space Legion territory with FTL drives at maximum. But the white hole had busted the lower deck all to hell, damaging many of the escape pods, so a bunch of people got stranded aboard Star Station Sigma. The losers, mostly. Now everyone’s trying to figure out how the hell we’re going to get off this ship. Problem is, the Ax’Tularians hate the Kruk’Chels, the prisoners hate security, and the crew members hate the officers. The station’s orbiting a white hole, and everyone’s trying to kill everybody else, and we’re just a clump of space-waste circling the drain. I should’ve stuck with smuggling.

This playset by Rafael Chandler includes a Stunt Die mechanic for atomizing the station as you play, for added trouble!

RC01 - 13 page PDF (328KB)   Download Now!

April 2012 - Hollywood Wives

Product Image

Palm tree-lined streets. Glittering beaches, movie star neighbors— Beverly Hills, California. You all lead lives of fabulous luxury and wealth. Armani handbags, Louboutin shoes, jewelry by Neil Lane, personal chefs, the best bodies money can buy—you have it all. You’re living the southern Califonia dream. Your days are spent shopping on Rodeo Drive and your nights revolve around dining with your girlfriends at the trendy hot spot du jour.

Either that, or you clean up the mess those people leave behind.

Regardless, the glamorous life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The mansion’s almost in foreclosure, your financial advisors are running a Ponzi scheme, and the your philandering husband is banging the nanny. You can’t lose it all now. If only there was some way to make all your problems disappear… forever.

JB01 - 12 page PDF (398KB)   Download Now!

May 2012 - Salem 1692

Product Image

After the New Year dawned on 1692, strange afflictions have beset many of the young girls in Salem. Thought to be the precocious nonsense of children, they now suffer episodes of violence and terrifying abuse at the hands of unseen forces. Their forbidden games have brought this onslaught, and they have learned them at the hands of their very neighbors and servants.

Inevitable accusations have now followed. As young as five to as old as eighty, no resident of Salem Village or the surrounding townships, good Christians or no, old or young, are safe from the witch hunt. 1692 will be a year of misery and death for all of Salem Village. Truly, spells and stories are not simple children’s games.

This is another great playset by Logan Bonner in collaboration with Lillian Cohen-Moore.

LB03 - 12 page PDF (521KB)   Download Now!

June 2012 - Home Invasion

Product Image

It’s a nice middle class neighborhood with a nice mix of professional families and a nice, powerful homeowners association. Good people who get involved and know their neighbors. People who aren’t afraid to tell you that the shade of blue you are painting your house is not exactly allowed by the association covenant.

But lately things have been unsettled around Poppleton Terrace - property values are falling, crime is rising, long-time residents have been less than receptive to the suggestions of the standards committee, and now new people are moving in. People who are not like us. At all.

JM12 - 12 page PDF (307KB)   Download Now!

Alpha Complex

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Times are tough, lately, in the underground city of Alpha Complex. Communists, mutants, and secret society traitors are a constant threat, and it's starting to seem like maybe they're winning. It's getting so an honest Troubleshooter can't get ahead just by doing the job. Which is why you're a less than completely honest Troubleshooter. Your secret society connections and your mutant power help you do well on your missions. You need to do really well on this next mission -- or, at least, you need everyone else on your team to do really poorly. You don't know the mission yet, but you know exactly three things you'll have to do: Stay alert. Trust no one. Keep your laser handy.

This special release playset was written by PARANOIA contributor Dan Curtis Johnson who has worked on making roleplaying games, comics, operating systems, and daughters.

PARANOIA is a trademark of Eric Goldberg and Greg Costikyan. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.

DCJ01 - 12 page PDF (212KB)   Download Now!

July 2012 - Flight 1180

Product Image

Baggage. Even if you think you checked it all in the terminal, you're bringing some on board with you. Baggage. Everyone's got some and in the confines of an aircraft it surrounds us and mingles together. Is this your bag or mine? Is there a better metaphorical juxtaposition in air travel than "baggage carousel" where your personal baggage gets to ride the horsies?

In this playset by Fiasco-veteran and writer Will Hindmarch, the airplane serves as a pressure cooker where all the passengers stories are mixed together and set to a boil. You should probably buckle up, don't you think?

WH03 - 12 page PDF (360KB)   Download Now!

Saturday Night 78

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New York City, 1978. Last year, the city endured the chaos of the blackout of ‘77 and the terror of the Son of Sam killings. This year, Studio 54 makes millions by giving beautiful plebs and dazzling celebrities a place to party at $20 a head. Condensed sweat rains from Studio 54’s mirrored-laminate ceiling—sweat evaporated from the brows of celebrities, maybe—and falls back on the dancers below.

This is a time of rock and disco, of reckless hedonism and casual sex, a time before consequences. Debauchees high on blow, poppers, or Quaaludes dance and laugh and lust and cry in swank clubs and dirty dives all over the city. Whoever your characters are in the daylight, come dark they transform into sordid stars or disco royalty, beautiful disasters or pitiable victors, ricocheting off each other into the glittering wreckage of imploded parties. Every Saturday night the city’s alight with spectacular fiascos.

Saturday Night 78 is a special edition playset written by Wil Wheaton, Will Hindmarch, and Jason Morningstar for use during the Fiasco Episode of Tabletop in July of 2012.

Bonus: the "insta-setup" section is written to match what the cast played during the show, including a diagram of the details on the table!

TT01- 15 page PDF (712KB)   Download Now!

Saturday Night 78 - Table Cards

Product Image
You asked for it, you got it! This is the template file for the blank detail cards and character table tents designed for use during the Fiasco episodes of Tabletop with the Saturday Night 78 playset.
2 page PDF (462KB)   Download Now!

August 2012 - HK TPK

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Hong Kong, June 1997: Over 150 years of British rule is drawing to a close, and everybody is scrambling to make their mark before the handover. The Crown Colony is a pressure-cooker of energy and uncertainty, and nobody is sure who is going to come out on top—it’s the world’s most exclusive night club, an hour before closing. With guns. Lots of guns.

From the triad gangsters to the cops to the big-business taipans, the players are in motion and everybody has got something in the pot. Old man Liang is packing up and heading to Canada. Helen Chu’s brother works for the government, and he says the PRC is going to lock everything down. Jimmy Wong says he’s going nowhere because where there’s uncertainty, there’s money to be made. As the old saying goes, when the winds of change blow, some build walls and others build windmills.

This playset was written by Corey Reid, John Rogers, and Gareth-Michael Skarka.

GS01 - 12 page PDF (466KB)   Download Now!

September 2012 - Heroes of Pinnacle City

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The world teeters on the brink of disaster! Madmen with doomsday devices, countless alien races poised to invade, meddlesome time-travellers, interdimensional conquerors, vampires in government, and demons in coffee shops. The superpowered heroes of Pinnacle City are all that stands between the earth and total annihilation. Now if only they would do something about it instead of arguing with each other and hiding behind their secret identities.

AK02 -12 page PDF (281KB)   Download Now!

October 2012 - Back to the Old House

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The House has been calling you. It's dead dust breath seeping though splintered doorways. The dark hiss of long forgotten stations. Endless nights huddled in the death shed, and tears at bedtime. The house is calling, but you don’t pick up. You’ve tried to forget, to make a fresh start and be somebody new, but it’s all bullshit. Everything that counts for anything went down in that fucking house. Bad things happened, and you were a part of it. You left unfinished business. That’s why you need to go back. To finish it. To end it all.

You would rather not go back to the old house. But you will.

This surreal, creepy playset is just the thing to put a bit of horror in your Halloween!

SB01 - 12 page PDF (188KB)   Download Now!

Fiasco Add-on - Living Dead

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Everything has changed. No more paperwork or errands or ballgames. We still fight and squabble and lie as much as ever, but not for money or drugs or power. When the world has been overrun by the living dead, survival is the only thing that matters. Banding together always seems like a good idea in theory; strength in numbers, right? Keep believing that if you want, but those people just might kill you before the zombies. Remember, only one thing matters: staying alive.

TAKE NOTE! This supplement is a playset add-on, not a complete playset. It is designed to be used with another playset, adding a bite of zombie apocalypse to the mix. Zombies in a nice southern town? Perfect. Zombies in the Old West? Of course! Zombies on the grassy knoll? Oswald is the least of Kennedy’s problems.

JG02 - 8 page PDF (856KB)   Download Now!

November 2012 - Tartan Noir

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There’s been a murder. A body lies dead in a run-down apartment. There are signs of a struggle. Broken furniture litters the floor. Two of the victim’s fingers have been cut off. There’s a human turd on the mantelpiece. Hang on, what? Welcome to the world of Tartan Noir: fiction with a hardboiled, cynical, violent and frequently alcoholic view of crime in modern-day Scotland. There are good guys, there are bad guys but there definitely aren’t any heroes. Tartan Noir is about world-weary anti-heroes, deeply flawed characters with a variety of vices that would not normally be becoming of someone of their narrative stature. And while it is certainly hardboiled, there’s frequently an edge of wackiness that separates Tartan Noir from its American cousin. So pour yourself a dram of single malt and prepare to indulge in a little Tartan Noir.
DB01 - 12 page PDF (300KB)   Download Now!

December 2012 - Touring Rock Band 2

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You were supposed to live fast and die young. At least you lived fast. Now you are not so young. Not so famous. Not quite able to rise to the sybaritic occasion the way you did back in the crazy days. Back when you were the big deal, touring the world behind an album that could have—should have—gone platinum. You had your moment and now it has passed. The band broke up, over sex and money and a lot of stuff that seems trivial now. But the dreams never died, and the idea of revisiting past glory seems better and better. God knows you need the cash. And you still have fans on the Internet who would kill to see the band get back together…

This Playset is an affectionate sequel to the original Touring Rock Band, and written as a collaboration by some of our favorite Playset authors!

TRB2 - 13 page PDF (241KB)   Download Now!

The Beast of Sucker Creek

Product Image

Sightings of a hairy, man-like creature in and around Sucker Creek go back hundreds of years—the legends of the Rayado people tell of Ni-teshi-ih; “The Strong One” who lived in the dark swamps of the Sucker Creek basin.

Since white settlement of the region, reports of blood-chilling cries in the night and occasional sightings of the Beast have been a fixture of local gossip. Is it a madman? A crazed bear? Something strange and wholly new to science? No one knows, but those who have crossed paths with it are convinced of one thing—the Beast of Sucker Creek is real, and you don’t want to make it angry.

JM18 - 12 page PDF (243KB)   Download Now!

Dangerous Games

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Gen Con. The largest tabletop gaming convention in the Western Hemisphere. A gathering of the particular branch of the geek tribe that likes to get its game on analog-style, rolling dice, pushing lead, and slapping down cards. With something shy of 50,000 people descending on Indianapolis for a long, hot weekend in the middle of August, Gen Con is the size of a small city. They call it the Best Four Days in Gaming. It might also be the deadliest.

Written by Matt Forbeck, based upon his trilogy of Dangerous Games novels.

13 page PDF (404KB)   Download Now!

Planeta Droga

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Planeta Droga is a different kind of Fiasco playset. It was written and translated from Portuguese by our friend Rafael Pinheiro Costa in Brazil. It is an homage to his brother, and inspired by his struggle with addiction.

This playset focuses on the "poor impulse control" aspect of a normal Fiasco and ignores the ambition part completely, as it models the daily routine of an addict. The focus is on the many small struggles. Such as being able to pull it together just enough that you can go to a family party, convincing a loved one that you can still change, figuring out where the next fix is coming from, or how to grow pot inside the apartment without attracting the attention of the cops.

And how does all of this work out? That’s for you to find out. Buckle up, and have a nice journey.

12 Page PDF (3.0MB)   Download Now!

Return to Camp Death

Product Image

Last summer’s massacre at Camp Clearwater rocked Barrow Pines, casting a pall over our sleepy town. Only when the inconclusive police investigation and media circus died down and we tried to put our lives back together did we realize our nightmare had just begun.

Whatever killed all those people last year is still out there, and it will kill again. To stop the horror once and for all, we must return to where it all started. We must return to Camp Death.

This special release playset is brought to you by James Gabrielsen as a sequel to his 2011 slasher movie playset Camp Death.

JG06 -14 page PDF (223KB)   Download Now!

Rat Patrol

Product Image

One day you are miserable experiments, destined to have your brains extracted to see what makes you tick, and the next you are blinking in the sunlight, smelling new smells that aren't disinfectant and terror, dumped on a lawn by kids in balaclavas. Now you are free, and you know how rats are supposed to live, and what the dangers of a rat-centric lifestyle are. Behind you is a gleaming tower full of terrible people who did unspeakable things to you and your friends. In front of you is a forest full of encyclopedic dangers you can name but whose scent is entirely unknown. On either side are others like you, rats you lived with, nearly died with, got really smart with. Rattus norvegicus, Sprague-Dawley strain, mostly the offspring of a very special pair named Linda and Milky.

This playset was inspired by Secret of NIMH, Plague Dogs, Watership Down, and other great modern fables. It includes a custom Tilt, which is highly specific and recommended.

JM17 - 14 page PDF (489KB)   Download Now!

Unaussprechlichen Klutzen

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All you wanted to do was impress the cute redhead from the coffee shop. Several ancient texts later, there’s a mile-high squid striding across the landscape, devastating everything in its path. And you’re pretty sure it just stepped on the redhead.

Unaussprechlichen Klutzen takes H.P. Lovecraft’s stories and repeats them as farce. It smashes together worldly ambitions with world destroying horror. No knowledge of his writing is required, optional "madness and insight" stunt dice rules included!

This special release playset is by Graham Walmsley, creator of the classic Gangster London.

GW02 - 12 page PDF (265KB)   Download Now!

Cap and Trade

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Cap and Trade is a game designed for the classroom, intended as an entree to the issues related to cap and trade legislation in the United States. If you use this, definitely replace the information sheets with original student research.
(75KB)   Download Now!

Grey Ranks Sample

Product Image
Just a taste of Grey Ranks - some pages from each of the five main sections, including a bit of history, an example of play, Radio Lightning transcripts, and other stuff.
39 page PDF (3.0MB)   Download Now!

Bloody Forks of the Ohio

Product Image

1754: New England is booming, and Britain’s commercial empire is expanding west, through the Appalachians into the fertile and rich Ohio country. The situation couldn’t be plainer - French claims in the region are baseless, and all the natives are friendly to the British. The Seneca are your allies, and they claim the entire region by right of conquest. Through treaty, it will all be British soon enough.

When Major William Trent established a fort at the Forks of the Ohio, he was claimning the region for His Majesty. When a French army arrived to force his surrender and humiliating eviction, it was tantamount to a declaration of war. They built a fort on the ruins of Trent’s.

Fort Duquesne, they call it. A formidable piece of work. So now you’re back, with stout Virginia militia to back you up, and you’ll do whatever it takes to drive the French out of the Ohio country. Diplomacy among the natives, an agreement of gentlemen, or force majeur - it’s up to them. Whatever they want, you’ll give those simpering frogs exactly what they ask for.

Bloody Forks of the Ohio is a 21 page hack of a hack. The content was written by Jason Morningstar, based very heavily on John Harper’s Lady Blackbird which, frankly, does not have enough French dudes in it.

21 pages (4.2MB)   Download Now!

Dungeon Squad 2

Product Image

Dungeon Squad 2 will plunge you into the grim world of danger and adventure that is your birthright! You do not need parents, older siblings, or other know-it-alls to tell you how to be a hero!

Dungeon Squad 2 is a very fast, very light roleplaying game designed for youngsters with powerful ambition but short attention spans.

6 pages (254KB)   Download Now!

The Trial of Poland

Product Image

The Trial of Poland is a game that focuses on the rise of the Solidarity movement in Poland n 1980, from the point of view of the established powers confronted by a legitimate and ultimately existential threat. Each of the characters is a historic eastern bloc leader and, in his own way, a terrible person. The game hinges on a single decision—will Poland be invaded?

This is an experimental freeform game.

8 pages (3.3MB)   Download Now!

Watch the Skies!

Product Image

It’s 1957, and you are in Palomar Gardens, the slightly seedy California home base of “Professor” George Adamski’s flying saucer cult. Tonight the extraterrestrials that have been visiting Adamski for years are returning. He’s announced that they are arriving to meet his followers and welcome them to the cosmic colloquy of enlightened beings. A flying saucer will fly overhead, and later the extraterrestrials will arrive in Palomar Gardens. It’s the night everybody has been waiting for - the desert sky is clear and bright, the air is charged with anticipation, and the cocktail bar is fully stocked.

This is a parlor larp for 8+ participants. If you are going to play, DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR READ THIS!

23 pages (5.9MB)   Download Now!

We Are Here To See The Evil Wizard Kormákur

Product Image

A group of brave souls have traveled through dark forest and hissing swamp to reach the moss-covered tower that now stands before them. They are each here to see the dreaded wizard Kormákur, but apparently Kormákur is not home.

4 pages (847KB)   Download Now!

Frost Devils

Product Image

Nome, Alaska, 1901. There's a gold rush on at the very end of the Earth, attracting every manner of ne'er-do-well and fiend from deranged Kuskokwagmiut to Wyatt Earp. And you, of course.

Frost Devils is a reskinning of Matt Snyder's excellent game Dust Devils. It can also serve as a really solid and historically meticulous resource guide to Nome at the turn of the last century for any game.

11 pages (4.5MB)   Download Now!

The Plant

Product Image

Somebody you love has gone missing inside the plant. You are going to get them back.

A solitaire roleplaying game

45 pages (630KB)   Download Now!

Death School

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"It's the CIA's most elite school for covert agents. America's deadliest enemies are coming with a final exam."

Death School is an over-the-top eighties-action-movie-themed Lady Blackbird hack. Bring a flag; you will be waving it. Be advised: This game is ludicrously offensive in all the ways jingoistic eighties films were.

11 pages (6.5MB)   Download Now!


Product Image

Dulse is a quiet little game about choosing between things that you should never have to choose between.

25 pages (494KB)   Download Now!

Danger Mountain!

Product Image

Danger Mountain! is the game of seventies environmental disaster movies! Mother Earth is crying and she will have her revenge.

13 pages (11.5MB)   Download Now!

The Hot Lamp

Product Image

The Hot Lamp is a tiny structured freeform poem about police interrogation. For 3-4 players and 20 minutes. It was designed to give the players some practice using the principle of agreement.

1 page (175KB)   Download Now!

Last Train Out Of Warsaw

Product Image

Last Train Out Of Warsaw is a hack of Matthijs Holter's game Archipelago II. It is a self-contained scenario about the ... last train out of Warsaw on December 17, 1939.

44 pages (6.4MB)   Download Now!

Curse of Antelope Woman

Product Image

Curse of Antelope Woman is a complete one-shot scenario for Brennan Taylor's excellent game How We Came To Live Here. Characters and situation for inside and Outside GMs are provided.

11 pages (6.9MB)   Download Now!


Product Image

Anchorhold is a complete campaign setting for a fantasy game. It includes a description of the the border valleys beneath the castle of the Anchorite Brotherhood, adventure seeds full of politics and bloodshed, random encounters, event tables and name lists.

11 pages (2.5MB)   Download Now!

The Beggars Opera

Product Image

The Beggar's Opera is an experimental game based on John Gay's opera of the same name. Six people play Macheath and the Peachums and Lockits, and a seventh sorts their contributions into a coherent narrative.

4 pages (2.0MB)   Download Now!

News Hole

Product Image
News Hole is a structured freeform game about a family in crisis and the death of print journalism.
3 pages (244KB)   Download Now!

Khas Fara, Village of Fear

Product Image
A system-less fantasy adventure setting with some pre-made characters for Solar System/Shadow of Yesterday. Was honored in a contest and appeared in Fight On! magazine.
(275KB)   Download Now!

Durance Handouts

Product Image
All the necessary handouts from the Durance book in easily printable form.
4 page PDF (220KB)   Download Now!

Grey Ranks Wallpaper #1

Product Image
The Wola district of Warsaw, 7 August 1944. The high water-mark of the Uprising.
1024 x 768 desktop wallpaper. (169KB)   Download Now!

Grey Ranks Character Sheet

Product Image
This is a single page character sheet for the Grey Ranks roleplaying game.
1 page PDF (393KB)   Download Now!

Grey Ranks Grid

Product Image
You need the grid to play Grey Ranks, and this version is big enough to be quite convenient.
1 page PDF (50KB)   Download Now!

Grey Ranks Radio Lightning/Situation Sheets

Product Image
Cut these in half, and you have a Radio Lightning broadcast for each chapter. Flip it over, and you've got space to record situation elements and people your crew encounters. Around the edges are names and places, for inspiration in case you get stuck.
10 page PDF (147KB)   Download Now!

Grey Ranks Table of Contents and Index

Product Image
Both the index and the table of contents from Grey Ranks.
6 page PDF (109KB)   Download Now!

Grey Ranks Checklist

Product Image
What do we do, when? This document guides you through the games procedures. Very handy!
One page, short and sweet (34KB)   Download Now!

Shab-al-Hiri Roach Preview

Product Image
This is a preview of the Shab-al-Hiri Roach. It contains 14 pages, including the table of contents, an example of play, and some of the awesome art. It is really intended to whet your appetite and show you both what the game is like and what the production values are. We hope you'll check it out!
14 page PDF (6.4MB)   Download Now!

The Roach Returns: Overlord Character Sheet

Product Image
Two pages of military occupational specialty, active duty assignment, expertise, nationality and service branch. Includes space for listing other player characters and their cause of death.
A two-page character sheet (81KB)   Download Now!

The Roach Returns: Darker Character Sheet

Product Image
This is a character sheet for Graham Walmsley's Darker setting.
Two letter-sized pages (384KB)   Download Now!

Shab-al-Hiri Roach Character Sheet

Product Image

Our own Character and Event Record sheet, for use with the Shab-al-Hiri Roach. Everything you need in play on the front, with handy stuff like the Event list and prominent Pembertonians on the back!

Note that you can turn layers on and off! So if you don't want the Pemberton seal watermark, open your layers side panel in Acrobat and de-select it. You can also turn off the border to save toner when printing, if you want.

2 page PDF (408KB)   Download Now!

Roach Comics

Product Image

2 pages of "Actual Play" comics for the Shab-al-Hiri Roach!

2 page PDF (473KB)   Download Now!

Shab-al-Hiri Roach Wallpaper #1

Product Image
The greased roach pole, a Pemberton favorite!
A 1024x768 JPG (385KB)   Download Now!

Shab-al-Hiri Roach Wallpaper #2

Product Image
The Shab-al-Hiri Roach in all its oily glory, pinned to a dissection table for your perusal and edification. It has a message for you!
A 1024x768 JPG (233KB)   Download Now!

Shab-al-Hiri Roach Wallpaper #3

Product Image
The 1919 Gamma Gamma Gamma Christmas ball. Elegant and classy.
A 1024x768 JPG (754KB)   Download Now!

Shab-al-Hiri Roach T-Shirt Transfer

Product Image

Make your own Pemberton University T-shirt, using iron-on transfer paper and your home printer. All the cool kids and Big Men on Campus have one!

The .pdf file is a reversed image of the classy Pemberton seal.

1 page PDF (281KB)   Download Now!

Shab-al-Hiri Roach T-Shirt Transfer 2

Product Image

Make your own Pemberton University T-shirt, using iron-on transfer paper and your home printer. All the cool kids and Big Men on Campus have one!

The .pdf file is a reversed image of snazzy PEMBERTON lettering.

1 page PDF (160KB)   Download Now!

Roach Cheat Sheet

Product Image
Lists of people, places, and things to draw from when your 1919-fu fails you. Handy to have floating around during the game!
2 page PDF (1.5MB)   Download Now!

Shab-al-Hiri Roach - The Movie

Product Image

This is the promotional trailer for the Shab-al-Hiri Roach game, developed by Greg Jansen Films. The film follows the tragic fate of Herr Dr. Moeller, Pemberton's celebrated chemist, and the terrible decisions he must make.

Even compressed, the video is over 13MB, so it might not last long in our downloads section. Get it while you can!

4 minute B&W video; .mov file (13.6MB)   Download Now!

Shab-al-Hiri Roach Errata

Product Image
Even our fever genius editors make mistakes - and in the spirit of fair play and a square deal, we do our best to make them right. Here's a single-page PDF describing the (admittedly minor) errors in the first printing of The Roach.
1 page PDF (130KB)   Download Now!

Drowning and Falling: Text Version

Product Image

The Creative Commons text version of Drowning and Falling.

The Drowning and Falling Role-Playing Game includes everything you need to slip and plunge into a world of mystery and adventure!* With five character classes, two alignments, over twenty three spells and prayers and fifteen statistics unlike any seen in the history of role-playing, you and your friends will be tossed head-first into thrilling tales limited only by your imagination and certain rules!

The Drowning and Falling Role-Playing Game— play it once and you'll never look at drowning and falling in the same way ever again!

*Everything you need not included.

text file (54KB)   Download Now!

Drowning and Falling: Web version

Product Image

The Creative Commons HTML version of Drowning and Falling.

The Drowning and Falling Role-Playing Game includes everything you need to slip and plunge into a world of mystery and adventure!* With five character classes, two alignments, over twenty three spells and prayers and fifteen statistics unlike any seen in the history of role-playing, you and your friends will be tossed head-first into thrilling tales limited only by your imagination and certain rules!

The Drowning and Falling Role-Playing Game— play it once and you'll never look at drowning and falling in the same way ever again!

*Everything you need not included.

HTML (64KB)   Download Now!

Drowning and Falling Characters Sheet

Product Image
A delightfully old skool characters sheet, complete with harmful traits that are actually harmful!
1 page PDF, US Letter format (465KB)   Download Now!

Drowning and Falling Euro-Characters Sheet

Product Image
For our friends in The Europe, a characters sheet sized for A4 paper.
1 page PDF, A4 Format (466KB)   Download Now!